Moonlighter Update Brings 100 New Levels and More


Digital Sun has dropped their first PC update for their action RPG, Moonlighter. And it’s safe to say that the Moonlighter update,  is quite robust.

The developers have released over 100 new room patterns within today’s Moonlighter update. That brings a variety of new puzzles, challenges and enemies into the game. With the devs assuring us that “there’s no fear of boredom creeping into your Moonlighter adventures!”

A new environmental hazard is being incorporated in the form of puddles. Some rooms will feature them and they’ll vary in theme. “They are going to poison Will in the forest, burn him in the Desert and electrify his hero-wannabe guts in the Tech dungeon.”

In addition to the room patterns, a new boss feature has been implemented. After defeating a boss, you can return to their room now to find the area riddled with monsters. Digital Sun explains that “This new room will provide an extra challenge – beat it quick enough to unlock all three chests. The chest timer will stop whenever you kill ALL the enemies. So, if you’re a slowpoke – only one or two chests will be unlocked for you. Only true Heroes deserve the most handsome rewards!”

Finally, the game’s enchanted weapons and armor skins are getting a visual upgrade. Each are being designed with new effects that will be representative of the world in which you acquired them.

The free Moonlighter update is live now for PC. The update will be headed to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 “in the coming weeks”. The game is also scheduled to land on the Nintendo Switch sometime this fall.

If you’ve never seen Moonlighter before, the game certainly looks inspired by 2D Legend of Zelda games such as A Link to the Past. However a major element of Moonlighter is the Shopkeeping mechanic. During the day, your character manages a shop in which earns you funds to upgrade yourself and the town. But at night, you adventure the various world’s dungeons in the hope of acquiring loot and fame. If you’re intrigued, checkout the 11 facts video that Digital Sun released below.