Angry Birds Movie Adds Sean Penn, Charli XCX

angry birds movie cast sean pennIt’s rare that we see casting news so close to a movie’s release, but despite the fact that the Angry Birds movie is just two months away, Sean Penn and Charli XCX have been added to the cast.

The animated feature-length film will feature a character by the name of Terrence, a large red bird who only communicates by grunting and making other noises. This character will be voiced by Penn, who apparently is just being paid to grunt into a microphone. As far as Charli XCX’s character is concerned, she’ll be voicing a bird by the name of Willow.

The news comes via Entertainment Tonight, and Penn will join a cast that includes Peter Dinklage, Kate McKinnon, Jason Sudeikis, and more.

The Angry Birds movie is written by Jon Vitti and directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly. It will follow three unlikely heroes, Red, Chuck, and Bomb, who come together to stop a band of new mysterious green piggies who arrive on their island.

The film is set to hit theaters on May 20, and it’s just one of the many animated movies of 2016 we’re looking forward to (even if it does feel like it’s about four or five years too late).

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