Live-Action Pokemon Movie Rights in Bidding War

If you were holding out for a live-action Pokemon movie, be prepared to be excited, as a new live-action Pokemon film has created a good ole’ Hollywood bidding war.

According to reports, The Pokemon Company has been looking to create a live-action Pokemon flick for quite some time, and for a while, it looked like Warner Bros. was the frontrunner to snatch up the rights. However, The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Legendary Pictures has now emerged as the probable victor for the rights. The report also states that Sony, who is behind the upcoming Ratchet & Clank film, is also said to be interested in picking up the rights.

The very first Pokemon film was an animated movie by the name of Pokemon: The First Movie, which went on to gross $85.7M on its reported $2.75M budget. Of course, it was critically spanked, holding a Metacritic score of 35. Yikes.

A proper live-action movie with a decent enough budget could have the potential to do some damage at the box office now though, with Pokemon being as popular as ever. Legendary has just completed the live-action adaptation of Warcraft, and that looks to be a formidable film that could change how video game movies are made in the future. If done right, a live-action Pokemon could be welcomed.

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