Rumor: Arnold Schwarzenegger to Join Wonder Woman Cast

Rumors are abound on Twitter as usual, and coming to you today is an implication from the DC Extended Universe Twitter account and the director and co-writer of Wonder Woman following Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some users have speculated that this means Schwarzenegger will be joining the cast of the upcoming movie.

Keep in mind, this is only a set of suspicious circumstances. Director Patty Jenkins and co-writer Geoff Johns could just be fans of Schwarzenegger like so many of us are. Jenkins has followed J.K. Rowling, August Richards from Agents of SHIELD, and it’s very doubtful we’ll be seeing them in Wonder Woman.

In addition, the filming for Wonder Woman is wrapped, or so they say, and fitting another cast member sounds like it’ll slow down the release date (June 2, 2017) way too much. But who knows, re-shoots and editing are still in the works, so it is still possible.

That said, these sort of circumstances have led to truth before. A little while ago, Twitter users figured out that Joe Manganiello was being cast as Deathstroke by how many DC Film folk were following him. Or when the same thing happened with John Cleese, though I’m a little less sure about that one.


Will Schwarzenegger join the cast? Who will he play? Let the speculation begin in the comments below!


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