Nightwing Live-Action Film To Be Directed By Chris McKay

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris McKay, recently known most for his work on The Lego Batman Movie, will be directing a brand new title from the DC movie universe, Nightwing. Bill Dubuque, who also wrote The Accountant, is writing the script. Nightwing already appeared in The Lego Batman Movie (voiced by Michael Cera) so McKay is definitely familiar with the character.Nightwing Live-Action Film To Be Directed By Chris McKay

Warner Bros. will be basing the character of Nightwing around Dick Grayson as Batman’s first Robin, rather than the number of other depictions of Nightwing there have been in the comic book series. These include, but are not limited to, Superman and Teen Titans. In the Batman universe, Grayson doesn’t graduate from his sidekick Robin status until Nightwing: Alfred’s Return #1 (1995), after Batman “fires” him following a close call with death. Grayson travels to England to find Alfred, who has resigned from Bruce Wayne’s service following the events of KnightSaga. Once they both return to Gotham City, Grayson, as Nightwing, often partners with Batman but supports his own solo comic series.

This new Nightwing film will be joining the long line of DC revivals coming up, the studio clearly trying to catch up to Marvel with “Gotham City Sirens… Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot (June 2), the star-studded Justice League (Nov. 17) and Aquaman starring Jason Momoa (Oct. 5, 2018). A sequel to Suicide Squad, The Batman starring Ben Affleck, a Shazam film, a Flash film and a Cyborg project are also in the works.”

How should McKay and Dubuque tell the story of Nightwing? Break out your nerd and a stack of comic books in the comments below!


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