Two Witty Trailers Dropped For Power Rangers

The Power Rangers reboot is hitting theaters March 24th, 2017 and Lionsgate has dropped two trailers to work up the hype. Both trailers don’t reveal too much that we haven’t seen already, but there is a lot more wit and fun in these ones.

The film will star Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, and Ludi Lin as the Rangers. Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) portrays the Rangers’ mentor, Zordon, and Elizabeth Banks will be the main villain, Rita Repulsa. Ah, just the kind of aptronym names I remember.

It seems that the film will be a lot like the show I remember, with a great deal of corny jokes and terribly choreographed fight scenes. The trailers don’t show too much combat, however, so there’s still hope that director Dean Israelite will improve on the bad, if flavorful, parts of the original TV show.

If you’re wondering how Bryan Cranston got roped into this movie, you can be assured he went willingly. As he told IGN, “the kids sound like real kids and not everyone is this great athlete and everything is working out. I thought, ‘this might be a nice bookend to what I was doing before,’ since I started out doing voices.”

Again, just like the show I remember so well.


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