Star Wars: The Last Jedi Will Not Be Changing Carrie Fisher’s Role

Many questions followed the death of the dear Carrie Fisher to do with her role in the plot of episodes 8 and 9 of the Star Wars series. Though she did finish shooting all her scenes for episode 8, fans are still left wondering what Lucasfilm will be doing about her future role.Star Wars: The Last Jedi Will Not Be Changing Carrie Fisher's Role

Luckily, Lucasfilm has officially announced that nothing in The Last Jedi, at least, will be changed as result of Fisher’s death. They did not, however, specify exactly how they would include Fisher in episode 9.

According to Disney CEO Bob Iger, who was speaking at the USC Marshall School of Business, Fisher’s role in The Last Jedi will not be altered in anyway:

“We’ve had to deal with tragedy this past year because Carrie Fisher passed away tragically in December, and she appears throughout [Episode] 8. What I can say about that is she is in 8 and we’re not changing 8 to deal with her passing. So her performance, which we’re really pleased with, remains as it was in 8.”

And for those concerned about the studio replacing Fisher’s character with computer generated graphics, Iger stated clearly that it would be the case:

“In Rogue One, we created digitally a few characters, one an actor that had actually passed away but had been in an earlier Star Wars film. We’re not doing that with Carrie, although technology gives the ability to do so many different things today.”

Of course for some fans, these statements bring far more questions than answers. Why does her role not need altering? Is she in the movie at all? What happens to her? Be sure to let us know your speculation and thoughts in the comments below.


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