Deadpool 2 Scriptwriters Like The Idea Of Hugh Jackman Cameo

In the same interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which scriptwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick mention the Zombieland sequel, a Hugh Jackman cameo is suggested for Deadpool 2. And the pair seem to really love the idea.Deadpool 2 Scriptwriters Like The Idea Of Hugh Jackman Cameo

Posited by the interview as a question about how everyone wishes to see the sexy Australian in a Deadpool movie, recommending that Jackman cameo as himself. Reese and Wernick apparently haven’t heard of this fan-filled desire yet, and stated that:

“Oh my gosh, that’s one we haven’t heard. That’s not a bad idea. I like that. Deadpool lives in a world where Hugh Jackman is out there. He’s got the People’s Sexiest Man Alive cover that he staples to his forehead in the first movie, so maybe he could meet Hugh as Hugh. That would be really funny.”

Since Hugh Jackman is officially retiring from his role as Wolverine after Logan, it seems only logical that he cameo as himself. And as Reese and Wernick say, it would be positively hilarious.

With a reaction like that, I think we can hope to expect Hugh Jackman to appear in Deadpool 2, as it would fit the movie perfectly, regardless of the plot. It would be even better if Deadpool took a few shots at Logan, or any of the previous Wolverine movies, as Deadpool would be wont to do.

Would you like to see Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 2? How do you think Deadpool would meet the famous actor? Let us know in the comments below!


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