Final Fantasy XIV TV Show Will Air On Netflix This Fall

According to Twitter and the show’s site that went live today, and translation definitely via USgamer, Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otousan (or Daddy of Light in English) will be airing on April 20th of this year in Japan and this fall around the world on Netflix.

To be clear, the official Twitter account states that on April 16th, the show will air on MBS, on the 18th it will be on TBS, and last of all on the 20th for Netflix. The worldwide release on Netflix will be sometime this fall.

A reported before, Daddy of Light is about a father and son who grow closer together after being estranged through the game of FFXIV.

All of this starts with the father receives a PS4 as a gift and the son helps set him up online. From then, the son helps his father throughout the game without revealing his identity. Subsequently, the son write a blog to record the experiences they have together.

The show will be a mix of live-action and clips of the actual FFXIV game, as seen in the trailer. The advertising makes it look somewhere between Saved by the Bell and Full House, but judging by the synopsis, there will be far more substance to the show than either of those.

Will you be watching Daddy of Light when it comes out? Let us know the comments below!

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