Aquaman Movie Adds Dolph Lundgren

Action movie icon Dolph Lundgren has been added to the cast of the Aquaman movie.dolph lundgren cast in aquaman

Lundgren will play the role of King Nereus of the kingdom of Xebel, a villain who claims Mera as a wife and sets out to kill Aquaman, according to THR.

Lundgren is a well-known action movie star who has starred in so many underrated action movies, including Universal SoldierThe Punisher (1989), and Army of One, as well as numerous top-tier action films like Rocky IV,  A View to a Kill, and The Expendables.

This isn’t his first venture into superhero territory, though, as action star can also be seen in the most recent season of the Arrow TV series as Konstantin Kovar. But, other than that, he doesn’t have any other superhero films to his credit.

The actor will join an Aquaman cast that includes Jason Momoa, Willem Dafoe, Amber Heard, and Nicole Kidman.

The movie is currently slated to release on December 21, 2018, after it was recently pushed back from its initial October 2018 slot. Hopefully, this additional time will lead to a better movie.

Is Dolph Lundgren a good addition to the cast? Sound off in the comments below.

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