Spider-Man To Appear In Four Upcoming Marvel Films

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, head of Marvel studios Kevin Feige confirmed that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Spider-Man that we ever could have predicted. Spider-Man will be in his own movie, of course, Spider-Man: Homecoming (coming out July 2017) and the sequel to it (scheduled to release July 2019). But our wall-crawler will also be in Avengers: Infinity War (launching in theatres May 2018) and Avengers 4 (set to bow May 2019).Spider-Man To Appear In Four Upcoming Marvel Films

As to why Spider-Man won’t be involved in Sony’s various spin-offs, like Venom and Silver Sable, Feige simply stated that very particular plans where in place about Spider-Man. Feige didn’t reveal anything else, so it’s a mystery what these plans are for now.

Nonetheless, it seems like Marvel is making up for lost time. After all that demand to see Spider-Man finally join the Avengers, it seems we’re getting exactly what we bargained for. That, and finally a Spider-Man that better reflects the old cartoon than previous incarnations. I love that he’s actually young and does teenage boy things, like mistakes and lame jokes.

But that’s still four movies in the span of three years, Tom Holland certainly has a lot on his plate. Hopefully we won’t be seeing any signs of burnout for him, as I’m sure these appearances are going to be a tight schedule for everyone involved.

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