Will Smith To Star In Gemini Man

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Will Smith is in talks with Skydance studios about staring in Gemini Man, an action thriller centered around an assassin and his clone. Jerry Brukheimer will be producing the film, and Ang Lee is in negotiations to direct it.Will Smith To Star In Gemini Man

The concept of this film, and the script itself, as apparently been a long time coming. Back in 1997, Darren Lemke pitched the idea to Disney, but the idea was considered “unfilmable” due to a lack of proper technology.

The concept here has a lot in common with The Looper, in which an assassin has to fight his younger self. Gemini Man has to fight a clone of his younger self (25 years younger to be exact), though the circumstances of this situation are not made clear.

The idea is that the assassin in the movie, and his clone, are to be played by the same actor. Until now, studios have deemed it impossible to do, despite the numerous tests over the years to achieve the desired affect. I’d certainly like to know what this effect is, as green-screen effects have been doing similar ideas for quite some time, in addition to clever editing. As movies like Jet Li vs. Jet Li (clever editing) and Terminator 5 (bad CGI) have succeeded more or less at this idea.

Nonetheless, this concept for Gemini Man sounds mildly interesting and I’m always happy to see more of Will Smith. That is, as long as he isn’t working with M Night Shyamalan again. And it sounds like due to all the time passed, the script has been perfected to the point where I hope we don’t need to worry about Gemini Man being a bad film.

What do you think of the concept for Gemini Man? Do you think Will Smith could fit such a role? Let us know in the comments below!


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