Glass: A Sequel to Unbreakable and Split

According to M. Night Shyamalan himself, Unbreakable and Split will be getting a sequel called Glass. The script is finally done and it sounds like he is ready to go.Glass: A Sequel to Unbreakable and Split

On Twitter, he shared that he can finally answer fans’ questions about a sequel to both movies. Apparently the script is for one movie and it will be a sequel to both Unbreakable and Split. Shyamalan has dreamed of this conclusion, that “both films collide” into a third film.

Glass will be released January 18th, 2019. All the necessary actors will be returning to reprise their roles, including Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson (both from Unbreakable), James McAvoy, and Anya Taylor Joy (both from Split as Horde and Joy).

A little contrived in my opinion, however Unbreakable and Split are two of the best movies and shining lights in Shyamalan’s career. Unlike The Lady in the Water, the director truly excels in this genre of gritty down-to-earth comic book movies.

If you haven’t watched either movie, I highly recommend doing so. They are both a part of the same universe and tell the story of a villain and a hero in a completely unique and Shyamalan way. Both of which are a good thing this time around, there is no Last Airbender or After Earth here.


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