Firestarter Remake Director Found in Akiva Goldsman

1984 sci-fi horror film Firestarter is getting a remake from Universal and Blumhouse, and the new production has nabbed its director.Firestarter reboot

According to Deadline, Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman, who is also in charge of Blumhouse’s Stephanie that’s set to release later this year), will take the reins of the new film.

The original Firestarter movie was, of course, based on the classic Stephen King novel written four years prior to its release.

The story follows the tale of a man and his fiancee who participate in an experiment to earn some extra cash. They’re given Lot-6, a low-grade hallucinogen that grants them telepathic abilities. After the duo get married years later, they have a kid who they learn has the ability to start fires with her mind. The original film starred Drew Barrymore as the child, David Keith, and Heather Locklear, and it wasn’t well-received at all, with most reviewers noting that it was generally boring.

Luckily, Universal and Blumhouse see the value in the original story, which is why we’re getting a remake.

There aren’t any actors attached the project just yet, but we’ll keep you posted as the cast is revealed and as more information comes to light. We’ll be interested to see what sort of production value this will have, given Blumhouse’s typical low budgeting. For now, just know that it’s in good hands with Blumhouse, so that’s, at least, a good sign.

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