Resident Evil Movie Reboot in the Works

According to Variety, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter isn’t exactly final. Constantin Film, the production company that has helmed the entire series, has a reboot of the franchise in development. It has not been made clear what they mean by reboot or who exactly is involved.Resident Evil Movie Franchise Will Not Be Ending

That said, Paul W.S. Anderson has been the writer for all six films in the franchise and has directed four of them. Though this is a remarkable achievement itself, Anderson might not be involved because he currently working on a movie adapted from another franchise, Monster Hunter. This movie’s development was announced back in November 2016, and is slotted to release in late 2017 or early 2018. Thus, Anderson may be too tied up to work on yet another Resident Evil movie.

In addition, though all the previous films starred Milla Jovovich, it’s not clear if she will be starring in this reboot either. Again, reboot could mean just about anything at this point. It’s all just guess work from here, until we get more information. Is this a sequel? What exactly is being rebooted if the series just finished? Will this be an entirely new series, not unlike the latest video game? It will certainly be different for the movie franchise to suddenly have an equally slow paced horror as Resident Evil VII.

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