Annabelle: Creation’s New Trailer Brings the Terror

The Conjuring series is undoubtedly one of the most successful horror franchises to pop up in recent years. Much of this is thanks to director James Wan who has always had an eye for the genre and was able to craft intriguing stories out of the real world events surrounding paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. One idea that was loosely explored in the first film involved a possessed doll named Annabelle that had a very, very minor role.

Naturally, a solo film was eventually launched to help shed more light on this creepy figure, but was met with poor reviews from fans and critics. Now, a new director has decided to take the helm and deliver the origin story for how this unsettling doll rose to such a terrifying prominence. Annabelle: Creation is set some time way before any of The Conjuring films, the movie follows several girls who have moved into an orphanage that’s owned by a family who has lost their little girl in an accident. In an act of desperation, the family allows the Annabelle doll to become possessed by what they believe is the spirit of their child.

This, of course, backfires stupendously and it appears that the evil entity in Annabelle latches on to one of the girls that have taken refuge in this place. While it’s easy to roll your eyes at the idea of a second Annabelle film, director David Sandberg has already proven he is quite talented in the horror genre thanks to Lights Out. It’s clear this movie is going for a more deliberate and focused idea that is propped up on classic horror themes we’ve seen before. How the film will branch out past this his yet to be seen, but we are quite excited to see if Annabelle: Creation gives us more reasons to hate creepy dolls.

Annabelle: Creation is set to release on August 11, 2017.

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