DC’s Shazam! Film In Development

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shazam! will soon be joining the DC Cinematic Universe with David F. Sandberg directing the film. Sandberg is somewhat of a remarkable anomaly, the JK Rowling of film, as it were. He started out making horror shorts on his iPhone, and was picked up by New Line Cinema, who adapted his shorts into the full-length feature, Lights Out. After the success of the latter, New Line put Sandberg to work on the Annabelle sequel, Annabelle: The Creation. In the span of four years, Sandberg seems to have achieved what some future filmmakers still in school can only dream of. And now he’s the director of an upcoming DC film based on one of DC’s oldest properties.DC's Shazam! Film In Development

The Hollywood Reporter states that Shazam! should begin filming around January or February 2018 and if all goes well, should premier in 2019. The film will be produced by Peter Safran, known for his work on The Conjuring and currently producing Aquaman. There’s no word on who will be starring in the film yet, but it is likely that Dwayne Johnson will be playing the part of villain Black Adam. This is only if the fellow is in Shazam!, as Johnson is already signed on to the Black Adam spin-off.

After the rather surprising success of Wonder Woman, it seems that Warner Bros. is more than happy to green light more DC movies. In their 2020 release calendar, there are quite a few, like the Flash (which doesn’t have a director yet), a sequel to Wonder Woman (only at the writing stage), a sequel to Suicide Squad (for unknown reasons), and from Joss Whedon will come Justice League and Batgirl. Most of these are barely out of the concept stage at the moment, but they are confirmed to coming eventually.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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