Warner Bros. Replacing Ben Affleck As Batman

Now that Matt Reeves has replaced Ben Affleck as director of The Batman, and scraped his original script, Warner Bros. is planning on replacing Affleck in his role as Batman in the upcoming film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck will still be Justice League but it might be his last appearance. It is likely that Warner Bros. or Affleck himself (or both), are unimpressed with current line-up DC films.Warner Bros. Replacing Ben Affleck As Batman

Or that the studio plans on making The Batman into yet another trilogy. As some film critics have been pointing out, this trend of sequels is getting tiresome – perhaps the actors are too. I certainly don’t blame them, as much as the financial stability is probably nice, working on the same character for so many years can’t be good if you want diversity in your career. Acting, to be sure, is all about diversity.

It could also be that Affleck is too old for the role and director Reeves might prefer someone younger to tell the story, rather than an older and weathered Batman. Though, personally I’m rather tired of the Batman origin story and watching a naive young Batman struggle with the realities of vigilante crime fighting.

I wouldn’t mind seeing an older Batman dealing with the fatigue of being a hero for so long and never seeing peace. Especially after events like the Dark Knight series, it would be easy for the character either turn into a villain or give-up entirely. A kind of Logan theme, but about Batman instead of Wolverine.

That said, Warner Bros. current official statement is that they love Affleck as Batman and what to keep him in the role as long as they can. We’ll have to wait and see if The Hollywood Reporter’s sources are correct (they usually are) and Affleck will be replaced in the future to move onto other projects.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter



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