Netflix Might Keep Some Disney Films

According to Reuters, Netflix is still trying to hold onto a few Disney titles, despite Disney’s recent announcement that the company will be withdrawing all Disney films from the streaming service. Turns out Netflix was just a test run before Disney came out with their own streaming service that will probably cost way too much.Netflix Might Keep Some Disney Films

The Disney titles that might not leave by 2019 will be Marvel and Star Wars films, but any new Disney and Pixar films are definitely leaving. The current talks are in hopes that Marvel and Star Wars films will at least stick around until after Disney’s own streaming service launches, beyond 2019.

Reuters reports that no decision has been made about keeping the films on Netflix or if they are kept on there, if ner released will be added to roster. Nonetheless, Netflix hopes to keep both Marvel and Lucasfilm releases after 2019. but again, as Disney chief executive Bob Iger states, Disney still might keep the rights for streaming the films for their own service.

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos explains that Disney’s streaming service will be “complementary” to Netflix, rather than completely separate. It is not clear exactly what he means by complementary, as perhaps Disney films will be a part of an upgradable membership to Netflix, or it might be completely separate. Sarandos could simple be keen on good PR praising and not stating outright that he isn’t impressed with Disney’s decision.

Despite Sarandos clearly expecting the change, as he stated that Disney building its own stream service is simply a “natural evolution” for the company. Hence the rise of Netflix originals, so that the stream service could still keep up its audience numbers without having to get into difficult talks with studios and networks to make their own deals. Seeing as plenty of Netflix originals have made Emmy nominations, like The Crown and Stranger Things, we can be sure that Netflix is going to continue the trend.

Source: Reuters


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