Daniel Craig Returning As James Bond

Craig just "needed a break."

After all for Daniel Craig’s protests and rather clear disgust towards the role, he’s coming back again as James Bond in the fifth rendition of his role in the series. He confirmed it last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (via The Hollywood Reporter). He stated there that yes, he’s known for “a couple months” now and that “we’ve been discussing it, we’ve just been trying to figure things out.”Daniel Craig Returning As James Bond

Craig also told Colbert that he has always wanted to return to the role, he just “needed a break.” He gave confirmation that this role would also be his last as James Bond and that he wanted to “go out on a high note.”

Apparently Craig was purposely saving the announcement for Colbert, despite earlier reports stating that the role was as yet unconfirmed. Craig issued an apology to those who interviewed him earlier, which is nice of him.

If you’re wondering about the whole Craig saying that he’d “rather break this glass and slash my wrists” than return to the role of James Bond, he did refer to that too. He stated that “there’s no point in making excuses” and that the interview had occurred only two days after finishing Spectre. Noting that he was understandably exhausted and very much done with anything to do with James Bond. Craig admits that it was “a really stupid answer” and he shouldn’t have said it.

So it seems Craig is a little more optimistic about the role of James Bond than we thought. Though I have the distinct feeling he wasn’t kidding and he really is doing it for the money. The films he’s starred in have grossed over $1 million, so hopefully that success is translated to the actor as well.


The as yet untitled James Bond film is slated for a November 8, 2019 release date.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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