Disney In Talks To Buy 21st Century Fox

Whether such a conglomerate of films under Disney will beneficial to customers is another matter.

According to CNBC, Disney is in talks to buy most of 21st Century Fox (the remaining portion will be focused on news and sports). The purchase has not been confirmed yet and rumor has it that the talks have slowed down for the time being, though that doesn’t mean a conclusion has not yet been reached.Disney In Talks To Buy 21st Century Fox

These talks have apparently been going on for a few weeks now and it seems that Disney is keen on using Fox’s wide scale international coverage and assets in order to promote it’s own foray into “direct-to-consumer entertainment streaming.”

You might recall Disney’s reasoning for pulling Disney films (including Star Wars and Marvel) from Netflix is that the company wants to set up it’s own streaming service. Depending on how you usually acquire films that aren’t on Netflix, Disney might ensure that their audience has no choice but to subscribe to their service. Disney also plans on adding other networks to their service, like FX and National Geographic.

According to CNBC, that remaining portion of Fox, which includes Fox News and the Business channel, was something that Disney purposely removed from the deal. This is because of an “antitrust standpoint” and the “anti-competitive” nature of combing all of Fox’s sports programming into ESPN. Apparently some monopolies just aren’t good for business.

Nonetheless, this kind of acquisition would lead to a great lack of choice for anyone that enjoys what the Disney franchise has to offer. If Disney remains in the same price range as Netflix for their service, acquiring Fox too would put a lot of great movies under their wing.

Whether such a conglomerate of films under Disney will beneficial to customers is another matter, especially with Disney’s tendencies to re-market old titles and promptly restrict them in the Vault. Though this isn’t something they’ve done with the Marvel movies yet, this streaming service may push that business model forward.

Source: CNBC


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