Hellboy Reboot Confirmed for Next January

Rumors of a January 2019 release have now been confirmed

Well, it’s finally official. After a false start back in September, we now know when Lionsgate plans to release their rebooted Hellboy franchise. And it’s exactly when we thought it was.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news of a January 11th, 2019 release date earlier today. The film’s launch date was reported by multiple outlets back in September. However, Lionsgate declared that nothing was finalized at that time.

The reboot is being overseen by British director, Neil Marshall. Marshall has previous directing credits in both film and television. Some of the heavy hitters he’s directed for of late are Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Hannibal and Westworld. Scripting duties for Hellboy were handled by the comic’s creator Mike Mignola, as well as Andrew Cosby and Christopher Golden.

The project was originally entitled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen early in development. The movie has since been simplified to Hellboy. Milla Jovovich will play the Blood Queen herself, Nimue. And David Harbour of Stranger Things fame will portray the titular demon.

The rest of the cast are great additions too. Sasha Lane is set to play Alice Monaghan. Penelope Mitchell will take on the role of Ganeida. And Daniel Dae Kim eventually cast as Ben Daimo, replacing Ed Skrein after fans screamed of “white washing” the character.

This third Hellboy flick was originally intended to be the third movie of the original series brought to us by Guillermo del Toro. Del Toro had other obligations though, and instead of handing the reins to someone else, Mignola and the producers at Lionsgate decided that a full reboot was best for the series.

Many fans are quite excited for Lionsgate’s R-Rated take on the Hellboy series. With filming just getting underway as a few months ago though, we’ve got a long way to go before seeing a trailer.


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