Flashpoint Will Be Directed By John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein

Warner Bros. has closed the deal on who will be directing Flashpoint, settling on John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. They are known for their work on Horrible Bosses, a comedy about a group of disgruntled and mistreated employees that determine to murder each other’s bosses; Horrible Bosses is the comedic version of Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train.A promotional photograph of The Flash as played by Ezra Miller in Justice League

They also wrote and directed the 2015 reboot of the Griswold family Vacation. The confirmation comes from Daley’s tweet, showing that “it’s happening” and gif of The Flash cartoon.

Ever since Justice League, Warner Bros. has been determined to get more DC films underway, including a solo movie for The Flash, as played by Ezra Miller. At first, Seth Grahame-Smith was to write and direct Flashpoint, but Warner Bros. quickly overturned him with Rick Famuyiwa.

Famuyiwa left just as filming began because of creative differences with Warner Bros. Luckily this deal with Daley and Goldstein seems more stable, as they are a strong comedic force in the industry and able to write and direct with one voice.

It has not been made clear if Daley and Goldstein will be creating an all-new script or working with an original, possibly by Grahame-Smith. Hopefully, they will be able to write their own, as the result in Spider-Man: Homecoming (another of their works) was very well put-together, fast-paced, and has a decent character arc for the young superhero.

Since The Flash is essentially Spider-Man in DC clothing, Daley and Goldstein are sure to have great time writing and directing this one too. They are the perfect choice to really kick off Warner Bros. DC cinematic universe after the disasters of Batman v. Superman and Justice League.

There is no release date for Flashpoint yet, but now that the film has a great pair of directors, we are sure to see more information coming soon.

Source Twitter
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