Terminator Reboot Might Star Mackenzie Davis

According to Variety, Mackenzie Davis is currently in negotiations to star in the upcoming Terminator reboot. Davis is known for her role in the Black Mirror episode titled San Junipero. Arguably the only happy episode in the series. She also starred in The Awkward Moment and The Martian.A photograph of actress Mackenzie Davis

If Davis gets a role in Terminator, she will be the new face of the franchise. She will replace Linda Hamilton’s character as the main protagonist of the series.

Apparently, Davis has been their top choice for quite some time but producer James Cameron still needs to sign off on the deal. The delay might be due to Cameron’s current projects, which are the Avatar sequels that he will be directing, writing, and producing.

The reboot is directed by Tim Miller, known for his work on Deadpool. James Cameron and David Ellison are producing the film. Billy Ray joins the team to polish the script written by Miller, Cameron, and Ellison.

As to the plot of this reboot, all we know so far as that it will be a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The as yet untitled reboot will premiere July 26, 2019.

It is difficult to guess where the story could go after the many sequels Terminator fans have had to go through. Thus far, the plot has centered around yet another endangerment of mankind by some robot sent to kill Terminator or Sarah Conner. With the story transferring to a new cast of characters, it might get a little more complex, but what Terminator fans really want to see is more action, jokes about robotic nature, and plenty of cool moves from the star robot.

Do you think Davis is a good choice to replace Hamilton? Where do you think the Terminator story will go with a new and younger cast? Let us know in the comments below!

Source Variety
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