Ant-Man and the Wasp Gets New Trailer

There’s only about a two month buffer between Marvel’s release of Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp. And I couldn’t think of a better follow-up than the latter to help decompress the events in the former.

Marvel released a new trailer today which gives us a tease as to what to expect from the sequel. And much like the original Ant-Man which debuted in 2015, this one appears to be all about having fun.

The trailer is set to Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s “It Takes Two”. There’s even a shot of an enlarged ant sitting at a drum kit and rocking out to it. It’s unclear if the creature is Antony, or why it’s even capable of being musically inclined. It has zero context whatsoever, and is endearing all the same.

The new footage does an amazing job of making Evangeline Lilly’s Hope van Dyne, aka Wasp, look like a complete bad ass. While Scott Lang has only been Ant-Man for a few years now, Hope has been training to become Wasp essentially her entire life. And it shows.

While Wasp is fluid and meticulous in combat, Ant-Man is still a bit rough around the edges and clunky. But as a duo, they look as though they work quite well with one another. Which is great, because the film’s new villain, Ghost, looks to be intimidating as hell.

Michael Peña suggests that Ghost escaped from the Quantum Realm while Hank Pym was experimenting with it. The character, played by Hannah John-Kamen, has the ability to phase through objects much like Vision can do. Typically portrayed as male, Ghost is a female in this rendition as the creative team felt it contributed to the story and gender had no affect on the character as a whole.

Lawrence Fishburne is in the trailer too as Hank Pym’s old friend and associate, Bill Foster. Formerly known as Goliath, Foster used to experiment with the Giant-Man tech before Pym had it mastered years later.

This leads to a fun gag in which Foster and Lang go back and forth comparing how large the two of them were ever able to get. The innuendo is obvious. And Hope is quite underwhelmed with the conversation.

All the quirky size manipulation jokes are in tow once again. The movie looks like it just wants to be a relaxing and fun experience. Which is just what we need in the MCU right about now… Ant-Man and the Wasp flies into theaters on July 6th.

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