Robin Hood Trailer Asks Who is Under the Hood?

Judging by today’s first trailer, Lionsgate’s upcoming take on a Robin Hood film may be the best we’ve seen in quite a while. It’s seems early to say, but first impressions do tend to account for a lot these days.

The movie features Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx and Ben Mendelsohn in leading roles. Egerton appears to be playing a high ranking official of sorts as the beginning of the trailer plays out. He and other English officials are plotting ways to thwart the mysterious thief plaguing the city.

“If I may,” Egerton says. “I propose a bounty. A thousand a week until he’s caught – or killed.” He delivers the proposal with cold bluntness. Establishing himself as a seemingly entitled villain with little regard.

The trailer continues and we’re introduced to Jamie Foxx’s character. He’s a Moorish commander and is the modernization of Little John. “I’ve never seen anything like you,” he says to the disguised Robin Hood. “You stare death in the face. That’s why I chose you.”

There’s then a quick montage of Robin Hood as he’s shooting arrows and evading capture. The question then becomes “who is under the hood?’ Mendelsohn’s Sheriff of Nottingham notes that “He’s obviously well trained.” To which Edgerton’s character replies, “He’s a smash and grabber, nothing more.”

We then cut to Maid Marian, played by Eve Hewson, as she discusses with Edgerton’s character just who it is under the hood. “You’re an admirer?” he asks. “He has his qualities.” she says with a playful smile. “He’s not you…” she concludes. To which Edgerton coyly states, “Are you sure?”

Halfway through the trailer we then get a glimpse of Robin Hood pulling down his mask. It’s here that the poorly guarded secret is confirmed – Taron Egerton is Robin Hood.

The trailer goes into full action set pieces from here. Egerton’s Robin Hood is “a war-hardened Crusader”, and it shows with his combat. He’s exceptionally talented with his bow and arrow, taking on multiple enemies with ease.

This is only our first look at the upcoming film, but it looks promising. Robin Hood shoots into theaters on November 21st.

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