Warner Bros. Release Cryptic Clue About Wonder Woman Sequel

wonder woman 1984
Source: YouTube – Umur Tezer

Looks like fans have gotten some solid news about Wonder Woman 2! Nerd Much? reported last month that there were some unsubstantiated rumors that the setting of the next movie would be in the ‘80s. Now, a mysterious image posted on social media has all but confirmed that we’ll be seeing Wonder Woman saving the world in the era of Band-Aid, Apple Macintosh, and Cheers. Have a look:

ww84 logo
Source: CBR

The image reads “WW84” and WW fans are conjecturing on what this hint could really mean for the new movie. Let’s see what we can deduce from this clue:

1. It’s almost certainly for WW2: Both WW director Patty Jenkins and DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Director Geoff Johns were the originators of the image. Although there’s no confirmation yet, it has to be Wonder Woman 2-related because Jenkins is on board for the sequel. Furthermore, it’s been reported by CBR that WW2 is being co-written by Johns. Unless there’s another movie or project for WW that both Jenkins and Johns are working on, they must be hinting at the sequel.

2. WW2 will be set specifically in 1984: It’s only now that we are finding out what particular year the movie might be set in. It is even possible that this could be the actual title of the new instalment. However, other than WW, none of the DCEU films have begotten a sequel yet. It’s uncertain whether DC will employ a strategy where each instalment has a subtitle or stick to adding a number at the end of the main title.

3. The year points to possible plot details: This is all speculation but one of the first things that this grainy image call to mind is the movie based on Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. The novel was about a dystopian and oppressive world. While that’s set in an alternate reality, its belief system runs contrary to what Wonder Woman stands for and its advocates would make for perfect enemies. Themes of oppression and totalitarianism would fit well in WW2 since it’s rumored that Diana will be embroiled in the Cold War.

4. This is official art for the new movie: The copyright and trademark for both DC and Warner Bros. can be seen in the image. If it’s indeed for the sequel, that’s one of the first official art works for the movie. There’s still a year before WW2 hits cinemas, but it hasn’t stopped fans from getting excited whenever any news pops up. In fact, even some fan-made projects have also generated buzz for the franchise. Screen Rant posted about how online fans got excited over an unofficial WW2 poster with an ‘80s glam look. The image incorporated Gal Gadot’s profile and the WW logo. It was created by an artist codenamed Messy Panda.

Fans can expect the same excitement and groundbreaking movie-making in the upcoming sequel. Especially due to the fact that the two women who led the first film will do the same for Wonder Woman 2. Joining Jenkins is the ever-stunning Gadot, who is known by fans as a true Wonder Woman on and off the screen. She is set to reprise her action-packed role as the movie’s titular character. This time around, the new Wonder Woman film will also feature Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters star Kristen Wiig, as well as Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal. The former will be stepping into the shoes — or shall we say paws? — of Cheetah, Wonder Woman’s nemesis. As for the latter though, his role is yet to be made clear. Perhaps the announcement will come in another thought-provoking post like the WW84 artwork.

It’s amazing how much info can be derived from a single image. It seems DC wants to get as much mileage as they can from these minimalist forms of promotion. As fun as all this speculating can be, we can only hope that the studio will release actual BTS footage now that production has already started.

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