Second Venom Trailer Shows a Symbiote Showdown

It was always assumed, but now we’re flat out seeing it. Today’s second Venom trailer proves that there are far more symbiotes running around this movie than just the titular character.

Within today’s new Venom trailer there are numerous characters that are obviously combined with the alien symbiote. But the problem is they’re hard to differentiate because they all generally look the same. There’s a woman than has the ability to transform her limbs into weapons and shoot bullets of sorts from her body. No doubt due to union between herself and one of the symbiote beings.

Another clip features a creature turning his arms into giant sword-like blades and clearing out an entire room of people and computers. This sounds like a signature move of Carnage, but again, the character was dark in color so it still just looked like Venom. I’m not certain it was though. Further evidence that it wasn’t comes in the next scene. A Venom consumed Eddie Brock is battling another symbiote the movie has named Riot. Riot has taken over the body of Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake in this scene.

Sony Pictures Entertainment also looks as though their trying to get a bit of humor across within today’s lengthy, three minute trailer. The final clip features Venom giving a monologue with his arm on the shoulder of someone that was presumably holding up the convenient store that Brock had just entered. Venom likely surfaced to turn vigilante against the thief, and threatens to devour every limb on the man’s body until he’s nothing but a the “smallest little faceless thing, rolling down the street like a turd in the wind.”

There’s still no sighting of Woody Harrelson in the second Venom trailer. Rumors have long pointed toward Harrelson playing the psychotic Cletus Kasady, whom eventually bonds with a symbiote to form Carnage. If Carnage is indeed Venom’s main foil to complete his anti-hero arc, hopefully we’ll get a glimpse of the iconic red symbiote in an eventual third trailer.

Venom lands in theaters on October 5th.

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