Slaughterhouse Rulez Trailer Reunites Simon Pegg & Nick Frost

Back in May of 2017, the duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost joined forces to create their own film and television production company, Stolen Picture. Since then, the comedic couple have been hard at work on their latest project, and first under their Stolen Picture banner. Today, we get the see the fruits of their labor, our first Slaughterhouse Rulez trailer has arrived.

The Slaughterhouse Rulez trailer, while classified as part horror film, is still obviously comedic in nature. This should come as no surprise to fans of Pegg and Frost, especially if you’ve seen other works of theirs such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, or Paul.

As shown in today’s Slaughterhouse Rulez trailer, the plot revolves around a British boarding school and the social dynamics amongst the staff and students within it. A company is fracking for oil in the woods outside of the school’s borders. As they dig, they open up a sinkhole attached to something unfathomable – a gateway to hell.

The film’s primary cast consists of the aforementioned Pegg and Frost. Simon Pegg plays Slaughterhouse school teacher Meredith Houseman and Nick Frost portrays the fracking company’s oblivious foreman, Woody. Asa Butterfield plays a student named Willoughby Blake, Michael Sheen is Slaughterhouse’s headmaster whom is nicknamed The Bat, and Finn Cole and Hermione Corfield are featured players as students within Slaughterhouse school.

The story was written by Crispian Mills and Henry Fitzherbert. Mills will also serve as director on the project. He previously wrote and directed A Fantastic Fear of Everything, which just so happened to star Simon Pegg.

Sony Pictures International will be aiding Stolen Picture with the distribution of the movie. This first Slaughterhouse Rulez trailer may be close to all we get on the upcoming flick. It’s poised to hit theaters in the UK on October 31st.

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