Final Predator Trailer Gives Closer Look at Alpha Predator and His Pets

20th Century Fox has released the final Predator trailer for our viewing pleasure this morning. The new footage contains a closer look at the new alpha Predator, as well as his adorable pets.

Today’s final Predator trailer begins with the military pulling Boyd Holbrook’s Quinn McKenna from some sort of holding facility. He’s thrown into a bus that’s currently carrying various other military members as passengers.

Amongst said passengers are Trevante Rhodes’ Nebraska Williams, Keegan-Michael Key’s Coyle, Thomas Jane’s Baxley, Augusto Aguilera’s Nettles and Alfie Allen’s Lynch. McKenna seems to immediately get along with his fellow veterans. And it’s here that we get to see the reason by Keegan-Michael Key was cast for the movie, as his character Coyle appears to be quite the “funny guy”.

Quinn has apparently had a run in with the Predator in the past. Something that his fellow bus mates, and Coyle in particular, have fun with. But it doesn’t take long for shit to hit the fan, as the crew’s bus appears to go under the attack of one of the film’s titular creatures.

We then get to see quick snippet teasing what we’ve heard previously about the film. A Predator has come to Earth in search of another that has been blatantly terrorizing the planet. The “big boy” that takes out the other is a dubbed “a hunter” by Sterling K. Brown’s Will Traeger. He’s also apparently brought “his dogs” with him. The newly introduced species is essentially just that, a dog sized alien that helps the alpha Predator in his hunts.

We then get some quick cuts of action pieces within Shane Black’s film. The final Predator trailer shows some gruesome violence, but that’s to be expected from the series. The soft reboot is looking promising as a whole. We can judge it for ourselves when it hits theaters on September 14th.


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