Captive State Trailer Shows a Dystopian Utopia

Focus Features released a fresh Captive State trailer for potential audience members today. In it, we get a glimpse of an alien occupied Chicago that’s quite far from the utopia it presents itself as.

The Captive State trailer doesn’t give us a ton, it’s just a teaser after all, but it certainly embodies what we should expect from the film. This is a planet that has seen an alien species take over and control the population under a guise labeled The Legislature for nearly a decade.

The Legislature certainly attempts to come across as idyllic, an attempt you can hear in today’s Captive State trailer and even see for yourself on the fictitious website But as you see how decimated Chicago is in today’s trailer, it’s obvious that The Legislature isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Not by a long shot.

On the fictitious The Legislature site, the powers that be issue a mission statement that helps describe the world within Captive State:

“Desecrated by war, famine, crime, disease and disasters – humanity teetered on the brink of extinction. Thankfully, a higher power stepped in and a new hope came to the planet in the form of a savior to herald the dawn of a new era. The Legislature’s arrival signaled a new hope for Earth. Their establishment of leadership swiftly brought peace, prosperity and unity to its people.

The Legislature established control to save and preserve the planet and its inhabitants. Advanced technologies were introduced to ensure crime was eradicated. The population was swift to embrace The Legislature’s establishment of law and order. In return, The Legislature was magnanimous and appointed select humans for higher ranking positions in government and law enforcement to assist with monitoring the new and much-improved status quo.

In the nine years since The Legislature stepped in to save humanity from itself, Earth’s inhabitants have once again begun to flourish. The human population is now relishing in the new affluence and hope that has been given to them by The Legislature. Unemployment no longer exists, thanks to The Legislature’s governing and job-creation policies. Crime is at an all-time low, as income inequalities no longer trigger this kind of fruitless human behavior. Those who challenge the status quo are swiftly relocated to ensure peace is maintained across the land.

The United State of America no longer experiences the petty division and strife that previously befell them; instead the Home of the Brave celebrates unity, embracing The Legislature that saved the country and the world. Together, they excel and celebrate this new era.”

Directed by Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and written by he and his wife, the film stars John Goodman and Vera Farmiga in leading roles. Ashton Sanders and Jonathan Major play supporting roles, and Machine Gun Kelly plays a character in the movie too.

Captive States hopes to captivate audiences when it lands in theaters on March 29th.

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