Creed 2 Trailer Builds Hype for the Next Creed v. Drago

MGM Studios dropped their second Creed 2 trailer for us today. The new footage gives us a closer look into Adonis Creed’s psyche as he prepares for the biggest battle of his life against the son of the man that killed his father, Apollo.

The Creed 2 trailer starts with Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed doing road work with a vehicle trailing behind him within a barren landscape. One thing becomes immediately apparent – Michael B. Jordan has gotten absolutely jacked for this film.

Shortly after that, we see a conversation between Tessa Thompson’s Bianca Porter and Phylicia Rashad’s Mary Anne Creed. Bianca stresses that “it’s like nothing really matters to him right now,” speaking of Adonis, “including me.”

We then see that Adonis and Bianca have seen the birth of their newborn. And we get a replay of the scene from the first trailer in which Rocky Balboa attempts to talk Adonis out of taking the fight with Viktor Drago. Rocky says “you gotta think real hard about this. You got people that need you now.” To which the trailer shows Adonis adamantly declaring that he’s taking the fight.

There’s then a quick snippet of footage showing us Viktor, as well as our first look at Dolph Lundgren’s reprisal of his role as the infamous Ivan Drago. A clip of SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn then hits the screen and announces to audiences that the new Drago is calling the new Creed out.

There’s then a training montage of Viktor over which Rocky says “that kid was raised in hate. He’s dangerous.” We’re then given the family dilemma between Adonis, Bianca and Mary Anne. Neither of the women in Adonis’ life wants him to take this fight against Viktor. But Adonis is set his goal to “rewrite history.”

While Creed was directed by Ryan Coogler (who went on to direct Black Panther), Creed 2 is being helmed by Steven Caple, Jr. The film is scheduled to enter the ring on Wednesday, November 21st.

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