Reign of the Supermen Trailer Introduces the Imposters Attempting to Fill Superman’s Shoes

After Warner Bros. Animation and DC’s successful take on The Death of Superman earlier this year, the duo are back and have dropped the first Reign of the Supermen trailer. The upcoming animated film is a sequel to The Death of Superman, and tells the story of Metropolis following the Man of Steel’s demise and the emergence of those attempting to fill his role.

During the final minutes of The Death of Superman, we’re introduced to a handful of individuals claiming to be Superman himself. They include Steel, Cyborg Superman, Superboy, and The Eradicator. Reign of the Supermen breaks these individuals down and

IGN, who debuted the Reign of the Supermen trailer, spoke with Patrick Fabian about the upcoming adaptation and his role as Cyborg Superman. Claiming to be Clark Kent, and the closest of the imposters to embodying the original, the character has a significant impact on Lois Lane after she watched Superman die in her arms. Here’s Fabian breaking that dynamic down between the two:

“Lois wants to believe. Lois wants to think that Superman is not gone. And when she’s presented with these different versions, Cyborg’s sort of the closest and the most convincing. And, you know, she asks him questions that only Superman could know. It’s a very touching scene that happens on the balcony. He’s not able to provide that answer, which would seal the deal, but it’s because, you know, he’s now Cyborg Superman, and he’s lost some in the transition, so his memory is not what it used to be. Which allows her that wonderful ember of hope, that indeed he may be it. Because, you know, that’s what she wants.”

Fabian also touched on Lex Luthor’s impact in the film. He too is affected by Superman’s death, of course. And he’ll have a big role to play in the upcoming sequel:

“(Luthor) might be a little in the dark, but I think, Lex is nothing else if he’s not somebody who immediately assesses the situation and tries to either take credit for it or deny responsibility for it, depending on what the situation is. And I think you’re gonna find those qualities definitely at play in Reign of the Supermen. As, in terms of whether Cyborg Superman and Lex Luthor have contact, I think you really have to wait and watch the movie.”

Reign of the Supermen is directed by Sam Liu. Liu also directed its predecessor, The Death of Superman. The script was written by Jim Krieg and Tim Sheridan. There’s no official release date for the movie yet, but Warner Bros. and DC are aiming to release the sequel early next year.

Source IGN
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