The Return Trailer Features One Very Bad Imaginary Friend

The Return is an upcoming film that’s being described by its director as a horror and sci-fi hybrid of sorts. And within today’s first The Return trailer, you can see hints of those genres as the film toes those lines and blends the two.

The movie is led by Richard Harmon who you may recognize from his long string of television films. He’s had roles in Fringe, The Killing, and Bates Motel. And he was also a recurring member of The 100 in Season 1 and Season 2 before becoming a main cast member from Season 3 on.

Harmon is the most prominent player in this first The Return trailer. His character is Rodger Emmerlich, described as ” a gifted college student who comes home to find that time doesn’t heal all wounds.”

Sara Thompson also stars as Rodger’s girlfriend Beth. The movie’s synopsis states that “childhood horrors rear their ugly heads as [Rodger] and girlfriend Beth deal with the fallout.

BJ Verot makes his feature film directorial debut with The Return. It’s being released via the Telefilm: Talent to Watch Program. As you can see hints of within The Return trailer, Verot states “The Return starts as classic haunted house film, and as it progresses, the science fiction edge starts to bleed through. We wanted to take the haunting sub-genre, and turn it on its ear.”

There’s no timetable for a wide release of The Return. Verot is targeting a festival debut for the horror/sci-fi flick sometime in mid 2019. But if The Return trailer tickled your horror taste buds and you’re looking for something spooky to watch now, checkout Nerd Much?’s list of all the horror movies that have landed in 2018.

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