WATCH: Beauty and the Beast Teaser

This Beauty and the Beast teaser really puts emphasis on the tease. From the little bit we get to see, it really seems like Disney is putting everything they have into it.

The trailer shows us a lot while also showing very little. First, we get a glimpse at how the live-action adaptation will look. Just like other recent Disney adaptations, the company has found the perfect line between fantastical and realism. They don’t show too much though. Just before you catch a real glance of Emma Watson as Belle, the trailer cuts to black. This makes us want to see more without spoiling that initial reveal.

If you missed out on this 1991 classic, the story focuses on Belle, a beautiful and bright young woman who is held captive by a beast in a castle. Even so, she befriends the numerous servants who have been cursed alongside the prince. Looking past his beastly appearance, she finds his true heart and sole within.

If you listen closely, you can hear the same iconic music from the original film. While much of the score remains the same, there are a number of new songs that have been written into the mix.

Starring in this adaptation are Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, and many, many more. We are especially excited to have our favorite candles, pots, and teacups returning.

As this Beauty and the Beast teaser reveals, the movie is scheduled to release March 17, 2017. Will you be reliving your childhood that night?

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