Second Captain Marvel Trailer is Mar-Velous

As Disney has been doing pretty frequently lately, the studio dropped their second Captain Marvel trailer during halftime of ESPN’s Monday Night Football yesterday evening. Brand synergy at its finest. And with just 3 months left until the movie’s premiere, we’ve got our closest look at Carol Danver’s adventure yet.

We begin the second Captain Marvel trailer in a familiar place – the subway train in which Danvers bitch smacks an unassuming elderly woman. Carol’s suspicion were on point, as the woman was a shape shifting Skrull in disguise. She then scowls at her attacker and a battle ensues on the train with confused and horrified passengers looking on.

Doing the beginning portions of this second Captain Marvel trailer, we hear Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury confirming the basics. The Skrulls “are the bad guys – and you’re a Kree. A race of noble warriors?” To which Danvers corrects him, “Heroes. Noble warrior heroes”, said with a smile.

We then get some backstory. Carol crash lands many years ago and nearly dies. We then see Annette Benning’s Kree character for the first time who explains that they rescued Carol and infused her with Kree blood to bring her back from the brink of death.

As was hinted at in the first Captain Marvel trailer, Carol doesn’t remember her human life on Earth. But she’s having fleeting memories arise which causes confusion as to who she really is and where she’s from.

As the trailer ramps up, we see quick glimpses of notable characters, including Lee Pace’s Ronan the Accuser (the Guardians of the Galaxy villain), Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos, and Jude Law’s Mar-Vell. But the money shot of the second Captain Marvel trailer comes right at the end.

The titular character is seen soaring through space high above planet Earth. She’s fully engulfed, with her iconic, glorious mohawk blaring. She swiftly moves through the zero gravity battlefield with ease as she fires blasts with her fists, looking like a complete bad ass in the process. Come May, Thanos won’t stand a chance.

We have to get to through March first though for our official introduction. Captain Marvel lands March 8th.

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