Next Pokémon Movie is a CGI Remake of the Original

While folks around the world were counting down and watching balls drop, fans in Japan were counting down to something else. When the clock struck midnight and New Year’s Day began, The Pokémon Company released a trailer for the next Pokémon movie. And it turns out that the next Pokémon movie will be one that many are already quite familiar with.

Pokémon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back first arrived in July of 1998 for the Japanese audience. That’s over twenty years ago now, so the original look of the film has a rather dated look at this point. The Pokémon Company is looking to remedy that. As they confirmed the next Pokémon movie will be a CGI remake of the franchise’s first movie.

The Pokémon Company have titled the project Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. You can get your first glimpse of it from the trailer above. There’s nothing that really stands out about the adaptation. It just looks like pretty generic CGI work. But fans of the original will certainly be anticipating the next Pokémon movie’s arrival regardless.

As for the trailer itself, there isn’t much within the teaser. We see Mewtwo awaken, and we briefly follow the enhanced clone as it chases down a flying Mew through the clouds. The duo then have a standoff high above until the Japanese release date of July 12th emerges to break the tension.

This puts the movie just a couple months after the Ryan Reynolds led Detective Pikachu hits theaters worldwide in May. We haven’t seen any signs of Mewtwo within that film. But it would be interesting to see where the character’s art direction goes in a world where these “pocket monsters” are depicted with a much more realistic approach. It certainly couldn’t be any worse than this.

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