Arctic Trailer Harrowingly Details the Dangers of the Cold

Labeled by some as “one of the best movies ever made about survival”, the internet is finally getting our first good look for ourselves at the recently released Arctic trailer.

You don’t see exactly how Mikkelsen’s character came to be stranded within the Arctic trailer. But the implication is a plane crash has left he and his companion out against the wild. A suspicion that’s confirmed via the movie’s official synopsis:

“A man stranded in the Arctic after an airplane crash must decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his makeshift camp or to embark on a deadly trek through the unknown in hopes of making it out alive.”

As the Arctic trailer shows, Mikkelsen must venture out into the cold as the woman he’s with doesn’t have much time left. Thus, opening them both up to all of the various complications that can come during and arctic expedition.

There’s a polar bear attack that Mikkelsen attempts to thwart with a flare. However, the animals are known to have some pretty impressive intelligence. So it’s likely that won’t be the solution that sends the predator away.

We see Mikkelsen also attempting to scale a small peak while dragging the woman he’s with up while she lays in a makeshift sled. This, of course, doesn’t go well. And we see the sled careen down the slope an unknown distance after Mikkelsen’s character loses his grip.

And then, perhaps the most harrowing scare of them all, is when Mikkelsen’s character falls through a sheet of ice into the freezing cold waters below. A significant, if not guaranteed risk of hypothermia comes with the precarious situation. And if Mads’ character can’t fend for himself after that, both he and the woman he’s with are goners.

There is a ray of hope in the Arctic trailer though. Towards the end a helicopter appears. However, the aircraft struggles to maintain flight during a storm in the area. It looks as though the helicopter abandons the rescue attempt. But surely it will return – right?

The Arctic trailer, and the movie itself, comes from director Joe Penna. The movie has been officially selected to Cannes and a limited release coming in February. It’s excepted to release to a wider audience following that.

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