Netflix’s Polar Trailer Teases an Awesome Assassin Flick

To brighten up our Monday morning, Netflix has released their first Polar trailer today. Starring Mads Mikkelsen, the Netflix exclusive looks to be part John Wick and part Taken. But it looks like it’s shaping up to be totally awesome.

If you watch the entirety of the Polar trailer, the cut does an excellent job setting up Netflix’s next big flick. The story originally stems from a Dark Horse graphic novel entitled Polar: Came from the Cold. But for a more in depth breakdown of what to expect, here’s the studio’s official synopsis:

“The world’s top assassin, Duncan Vizla, aka The Black Kaiser (Mads Mikkelsen), is settling into retirement when his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm. Against his will, he finds himself back in the game going head to head with an army of younger, faster, ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to have him silenced.”

The cast of the movie is pretty robust. The aforementioned Mikkelsen looks like he handles the bad ass lead quite effectively. And with his character’s eye patch he emits a Solid Snake type of feel for ex-assassin.

Other notable additions include Vanessa Hudgens, Katheryn Winnick, Johnny Knoxville and Richard Dreyfuss. With the rest of the cast being comprised of Matt Lucas, Ruby O. Fee, Fei Ren, Anthony Grant, Josh Cruddas, Robert Maillet and Julian Richings.

Polar is directed by Jonas Åkerlund with a script that was written by Jayson Rothwell. Netflix previously announced that acclaimed music producer deadmau5 would be handling the score for the film.

With the Polar trailer here to whet our appetites, we won’t have to wait much longer before we get the main course. Netflix announced within the trailer that the film will debut on the streaming platform on of January 25th. Hopefully the final product comes together and delivers something as exciting as the trailer itself.

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