Child’s Play Trailer Brings Chucky into the Modern Age

With the series’ theatrical reboot arriving this summer, Orion Pictures finally unleashed their first Child’s Play trailer for our enjoyment. And while we see very little of this rendition’s Chucky, we do get a feel for how menacing this new incarnation of the doll will be. And it’s pretty damn menacing.

This upcoming Child’s Play reboot is directed by Lars Klevberg from a script that was penned by Tyler Burton Smith. It’s a complete reimagining of the franchise, and as you can see from the Child’s Play trailer, this new version of the doll incorporates modern technology that you’d see in similar toys these days.

Klevberg has also noted in prior interviews that the Chucky doll itself will no longer be a doll possessed by the murderer Charles Lee Ray. Instead, it will simply be an “out of control robot doll”. Whether that adds or takes away from the series’ mythology will remain to be seen.

The plot looks to center on Andy Barclay (Gabriel Bateman) and his mother, Karen (Aubrey Plaza). Andy, with a black eye likely from bullying, sees a commercial for the Buddi 2 doll on television. Likely without many friends, Andy surely asks for the doll as a gift. Which we see his mother Karen give to him shortly thereafter.

When Andy opens the gift, the doll looks to scan its new owner automatically right out of the box. Whether that’s good news or bad news for Andy we’ll wait to see. But the Child’s Play trailer doesn’t waste any time from there getting down to the slaying.

We don’t see anything directly, but the Chucky doll is the likely cause of several disturbing incidents. There’s a murder on the street, a packed and panicked store, a man hanged while hanging Christmas lights and a car accident. Finally, as the Child’s Play trailer closes out, we see a bloodied, gagged and tied up Karen looking on in horror as some sort of device closes in on her.

Surely Orion Pictures will drop another Child’s Play trailer in the coming months that gives us a closer look at the high tech Chucky. Then we’ll see for ourselves on June 21st whether the reboot lives up to the original. But if not, at least there’s Syfy’s upcoming television series.

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