New Dark Phoenix Trailer Shows Us the Phoenix’s Power

Outside of New Mutants (if it ever hits theaters), Dark Phoenix is the last of the Fox “X-Men” movies to land before Disney and Marvel take back the comic series’ reins. Many are pessimistic of Fox’s second stab at an adaptation of Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s The Dark Phoenix Saga. But after this new Dark Phoenix trailer that recently dropped, color us quite intrigued.

We’ve seen glimpses of Jean Grey’s raw power under the Dark Phoenix’s influence in prior footage. But today’s hints within the new Dark Phoenix trailer showcase exactly how stacked the odds are against Xavier’s X-Men and Magneto’s refugees.

The setting is 1992, and the X-Men are recognized as national heroes following their victory within X-Men: Apocalypse a decade prior. The team is sent out into space on a rescue mission, when their craft is hit by a solar flare which sets the film’s events in motion. I think we can all gleam what the “solar flare” actually is.

As for the new Dark Phoenix trailer itself, it begins with a sobbing Jean sitting against the wall in the rain. “Why did you make me do that?” she begs. We then cut to a standoff between the X-Men team and Jean in a small town’s streets.

“Focus on me. Listen to my voice.” Jennifer Lawrence’s Raven asks. Back to Jean sobbing, “She was my friend” she cries. And then back to Raven promising “You’re my family Jean. No matter what.” Overcome by the darkness inside, Jean erupts with power and sends Raven flying through the street.

We then get to see a good bit of Jessica Chastain’s mysterious character. She’s guiding Jean towards the use of the Dark Phoenix powers. Unnamed as of yet, director Simon Kinberg describes the character as “the devil on Jean’s shoulder.” It appears to be a very apt description.

There’s then a funeral, and following the dramatic events within the small town, it’s presumed to be Raven’s. Everyone on the team is terrified. Everyone is perplexed. Blame is being passed, and no one has a damn idea how to stop this thing that is corrupting Jean without killing Jean herself.

Overall, it’s a fantastic trailer. And one that certainly changed my perspective on what’s likely to be Fox’s last major X-Men outing. Directed and written by Simon Kinberg, Dark Phoenix hits theaters June 7th.

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