First Joker Trailer Is Incredible

Consider April 3rd, 2019 a wrap. Warner Bros. and DC have dropped the first Joker trailer this morning. It’s two plus minutes of fantastic, intriguing footage. And I don’t see how anything else is going to top it on the web today.

Fans were justifiably skeptical of Warner Bros. and DC when it became obvious the duo were fast tracking a Joker origin movie. One that would be seemingly disconnected from the DCEU. But with the talented Todd Phillips attached, there was a reason for hope. Then, it was reported that Phillips was looking to cast Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role, giving the project further credence.

Phillips let fans in here and there on the project’s development. At one point he released test images out to the public, giving them an idea of the direction the film was headed. At that point, fans began to take notice that something solid might be brewing. And now thanks to the Joker trailer, we’re full blown excited.

In the trailer, Phoenix’s Arthur is a struggling comedian who also struggles with a mental disorder. At one point in the Joker trailer, you can see Arthur writing jokes and notes on a pad, it reads “the worst part about having mental illness is people expect to behave as if you don’t.” It’s a sad, but true take on society.

Arthur seems to be constantly picked on by malicious citizens of Gotham. And it’s slowing wearing on him. But there’s still kindness in this character. He takes care of his presumably ailing mother, bathing her and dancing with her to the television. It looks as though he takes Zazie Beetz’s character out on a date, giving the single mother a genuinely good time.

The Joker trailer sees Arthur approach Arkham Asylum, perhaps to admit himself for treatment. But he’s presumably turned away, and that’s when things turn dark. You see his inner struggle, he begins laughing maniacally on a subway trailer. Causing a group of mobsters to attack him savagely. And it’s right around this time that Arthur likely breaks.

There’s a montage to wrap the Joker trailer up, with Gotham in apparent chaos. “Gotham’s lost its way. What kind of coward would do something that cold-blooded? Someone who hides behind a mask” says Brett Cullen’s Thomas Wayne.

We see a very young Bruce in the Joker trailer too. Arthur approaches Thomas’ son and gently raises Bruce’s lips to form a smile through a barred gate. Bruce looks to be right around the age in which he loses both of his parents.

As the Joker trailer rounds out, we here a final ominous like from Phoenix’s Arthur, “I used to think that my life was a tragedy. But now I realize it’s a comedy.” Joker hits theaters October 4th.

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