Final Dark Phoenix Trailer Teases a Familiar Fate

With just six weeks to go before the movie hits theaters, 20th Century Fox has unleashed upon us their final Dark Phoenix trailer. It’s largely comprised of shots we’ve seen before, but there are a few new morels to chew on here.

The final Dark Phoenix trailer gives us a closer glimpse of the rescue mission that sets the course for the film. A NASA flight has gone bad and Charles Xavier answers the call, sending his team into space on a rescue mission.

We see Nightcrawler transport both himself and Jean into the damaged NASA vessel floating aimlessly in space. Nightcrawler grabs the crew and shifts back into the X-Men’s Blackbird ship while Jean stays behind to hold the compromised shuttle in tact.

Hank warns that “heat signatures are rising fast” while Mystique confirms “we gotta get out of here.” The crew then witnesses an immense flame bombard the NASA shuttle with Jean inside.

Back at the Mansion, Raven tells Charles “she should be dead” after what they saw. Jean seems fine though, and during a walk with Scott he tells her that the kids on campus are now calling her Phoenix.

Jessica Chastain’s unnamed character then appears, taunting Jean into utilizing her new powers to their full potential. “When I lose control bad things happen, but it feels good” Jean admits.

It’s seeming more and more likely that Chastain’s character is a manifestation of the Dark Phoenix itself. Perhaps as an entity that only Jean can see and communicate with now that the Phoenix’s powers are inside her. She tells Jean “that power destroyed everyone it ever came in contact with – until you.” She continues goading Jean, “the X-Men fear you. And what they fear…” With Jean finishing, “they seek to destroy.”

We then see a few things we’ve seen previously. The final Dark Phoenix trailer shows us Jean losing control and blasting Raven away. Charles worrying that “she’ll kill us all.” Quicksilver attempting to race and stop Jean – which likely won’t bode well. And Magneto declaring “the girl dies.”

“She’s still our friend,” Scott promises. With Hank responding “she’s not Jean anymore.” A few moments later we see Scott surrounded by the Phoenix’s flame-like powers. “Jean!” he shouts. Then the final Dark Phoenix trailer closes out with an evil looking Jean grabbing Cyclops by the forehead, teasing the same fate the character saw within X-Men: The Last Stand. But surely writer/director wouldn’t dare go that route, right?

We’ll find out soon enough. Dark Phoenix, perhaps the last Fox developed Marvel movie (we’ll believe it when we see it New Mutants), hits theaters June 7th.

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