New Child’s Play Trailer Uses Smart Homes for Horror

Outside of the robotic apocalyptic revolution on display in The Terminator franchise, have you ever wondered what a modern day uprising might look like? Well, today’s new Child’s Play trailer does a great job of making you terrified of just that.

The new Child’s Play trailer puts Chucky in the spotlight for the first time. The first trailer we saw mainly just had the doll lurking in the shadows. Today’s has the freckled freak on full display causing all kinds of havoc.

The footage begins by driving home the point that Andy and Karen Barclay (played by Gabriel Bateman and Aubrey Plaza) have just moved to a new town and Andy’s having a tough time adjusting. The duo then see a commercial on TV that posits a solution – the Buddi doll.

The toy can “connect to and control all of your Kaslan products and smart home devices.” And you don’t have to have an amazing imagination to see theorize how this can terribly wrong, terribly fast.

The Buddi doll is still a psychotic murder, just not a possessed one. Instead the doll has just malfunctioned in the worst way possible. We still see Chucky (voiced by Mark Hamill) wielding large knives to dispatch his victims. But the horror icon has a new toolset that he can use to flesh out the creativity of his kills – the Kaslan line of connected smart products.

In the new Child’s Play trailer we see the horrors of how the future these smart devices can go terribly wrong. We see a Kaslan ground tiller turn itself on and start rolling toward a man that Chucky has already tied up with Christmas lights. Another scene sees a Kaslan car go rogue and crashes into other vehicles.

One moment features a Kazlan drone terrorizing people within a retail store. Which is followed by another seeing a man hanging by an above pipe for protection. But thanks to the Kaslan smart thermostat, Chucky to raises the temperature to extreme heights which forces the man’s burning hands to release.

Directed by Lars Klevberg from a screenplay by Tyler Burton Smith, the new Child’s Play trailer showcases the movie’s smart and unique twist which modernizes the horror icon. We’ll see if it all comes together when the flick hits theaters June 21st. For all the other horror titles coming our way, checkout the full list here.

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