Gemini Man Trailer Shows Us Old Will Smith vs. Young Will Smith

Paramount Pictures’ Gemini Man looks to attempt a new twist on a familiar genre. When super spies such as James Bond or Jason Bourne prove unstoppable, you have to think outside the box. And that’s what we see in the first Gemini Man trailer, as a older Will Smith must thwart the clone of himself that was created to finally take him down.

Gemini Man was originally pitched and sold to Disney back in 1997 by Darren Lemke. At the time, Disney’s animation/visual effects department, The Secret Lab, were responsible for making the younger clone version of the film’s lead character, Henry Brogen, look authentic.

This was over twenty years ago, so the technology wasn’t there at the time to deliver something believable. But now it is, and the fantastic team at Weta Digital makes the 25 year old Will Smith in the Gemini Man trailer look incredibly real.

This doesn’t appear to be some cliché story of an evil clone though. Instead, the younger Henry Brogan, named Junior and also played by Will Smith, has genuine emotion and desires like everyone else. He doesn’t know he’s a clone of Brogan. He believes he was simply chosen for this lifestyle due to his desirable skill set. And he’s devastated when he finds out otherwise.

It’s Clive Owen’s Clay Varris that appears to be the true villain here. He obviously has ties to the elder Brogan and had some role in the development of Junior. The two are close, and Varris uses Junior to dispatch of his older self as Brogan attempts to exit from the world spies and assassins.

Also cast in the film and seen in the Gemini Man trailer are Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Danny and the Doctor Strange’s Benedict Wong as Baron. Directed by Ang Lee, the movie was written and rewritten by a slew of scribes through the years, with main screenplay credits now going to Lemke, Billy Ray, and Game of Thrones’ (and soon to be Star Wars) David Benioff.

Gemini Man hits theaters on October 11th.

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