New Toy Story 4 Trailer Offers Our Best Glimpse Yet

Disney and Pixar have given us a handful of footage to this point on Woody and the crew’s next big adventure. But all the trailers thus far have been cryptic enough that you can’t really tell what character motivations are. The new Toy Story 4 trailer released today sheds a better light on the shenanigans of Bonnie’s play things, as the team goes on a rescue mission to recover her new favorite, Forky.

The new Toy Story 4 trailer begins rehashing what we’ve previously seen. Forky questions his place in the world, with Woody explaining from various points in the film, “You are a toy. You belong to Bonnie. These are your friends.” The group says hi and Tony Hale’s Forky immediately freaks out.

Unlike the other trailers that suggest Forky goes on the run, this new Toy Story 4 trailer hints that Forky eventually becomes somewhat comfortable with the dynamic before Bonnie’s family goes on a road trip. The character is still learning the ropes of being a toy though, so Woody explains “I know, this is a little strange, but we all have to make sure nothing happens to Forky.”

Cut to Forky going flying from the RV.

Buzz and Woody and the rest of the original crew then go on a rescue mission to recover the spork turned toy. They pick-up Bo Peep along the way, as we’ve seen, and adventure through carnival which causes its own set of problems. “My guys are veterans, they’ll hang in there” Woody tells Dolly. Que a scene in which Buzz goes flying face first into a spinning ride.

We also get introduced to Keanu Reeves’ Duke Caboom in the new Toy Story 4 trailer. The character is “Canada’s Greatest Stuntman” and looks to illicit a ton of laughs with his cocky demeanor. Speaking of laughs, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s Ducky and Bunny get plenty of time in the spotlight, suggesting they’ll be much bigger players in the cast than originally suspected.

Toy Story 4 is just a matter of weeks away. The film hits theaters on June 21st. Let’s hope that Pixar continues one of the best running legacies in the history of animation.

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