Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Hints to a Soft Reboot

Let hope wash over us once again. After pretty much nothing but disappointment in the film franchise following Terminator 2: Judgement Day, we have a new Terminator movie that could potentially reinvigorate the series. And after seeing Paramount Pictures’ first Terminator: Dark Fate trailer, James Cameron and Tim Miller may be capable of doing just that.

There seems to be a decent bit of plot divulged within the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer. It begins with Mackenzie Davis’ Grace, Natalia Reyes’ Dani and Diego Boneta’s Miguel on the run from a new Terminator in the guise of actor Gabriel Luna.

Action begins quickly as Grace gracefully flips from the front of their moving truck to its bed, and throws a piece of rebar at the Terminator chasing them from a plow truck behind. In a bad ass move, Luna’s killer bot morphs through the windshield while leaving a new Terminator it spawned behind in the driver seat. Now from the hood of the truck he was driving, he aggressively attacks.

The set piece eventually moves out from the vehicles and onto the highway, and it’s here that we learn that Grace certainly isn’t entirely human. Though she emotes naturally and later swears she is. It’s likely that the character has come from the future genetically engineered to be a better combatant against our robotic destroyers.

As Grace stands off alongside Dani against these (now two) Terminators, a savior appears – Sarah Connor. Just casually exits her vehicle and dismantles Luna’s aid before helping everyone to escapes.

The question then becomes why Connor sought out the group to help them escape. “Why do you care what happens to her?” Grace asks. “Because I was her” Sarah replies. It seems pretty evident that the story is looking to retread events of the past a bit. With Dani’s being pregnant with a potential savior to mankind and Grace being sent back in time to protect her.

There’s a quick shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger as our infamous T-800, but there’s no sight of John Connor in this first Terminator: Dark Fate trailer. We do know he’s in the movie with Jude Collie now in the role. The actor will serve as a body double and CGI will be used to make the character look like a 1991 version of Judgement Day’s Edward Furlong.

If this first Terminator: Dark Fate trailer got you hyped for the series’ return, you don’t all have that long to wait for the real thing. The movie hits theaters November 1st. In the meantime, checkout this badass set of Terminator T-800 bookends we stumbled upon earlier this week. They’re the perfect compliment to your sci-fi book collection.

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