Han Solo Spinoff Movie Gets Directors

Han Solo spinoffNews broke this afternoon regarding the Han Solo Star Wars spinoff movie that is currently in the works. According to THR, the directors of LEGO Movie are going to also direct the upcoming feature film.

Filmmakers Christopher Miller and his partner in crime Phil Lord are also behind 21 Jump Street, and will write, direct and produce the Han Solo spinoff movie, which will focus on a young Han Solo, according to sources.

Of course, fans have long been suspecting that one of the Star Wars spinoffs would feature Han Solo, one of the franchise’s most beloved and interesting characters.

This isn’t an official confirmation, as Disney and LucasFilm has not commented yet, but obviously The Hollywood Reporter is a reputable source, and an official announcement could be made at SDCC this weekend.

Miller and Lord were previously in talks to develop a Flash movie for Warner Bros, but it’s probable that they will no longer helm that project. According to THR, the pair will still remain involved in the LEGO movie franchise.

The Han Solo spinoff movie release date is currently set for May 25, 2018.

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