WATCH: The Wailing Trailer

Korean horror/thrillers have been a growing force within the Western film scene for some time now. With fantastic movies such as The Host giving international audiences a taste of the eastern terror, it’s only natural more scary films would follow suit. Enter The Wailing, a film by acclaimed director Hong-jin Na whose other credits include the crime films The Yellow Sea and The Chaser. While both have received both critical and audience reception, The Wailing could be another beast entirely.

Taking director Hong-jin Na six years to make, this supernatural thriller follows the story of a mysterious disease sweeping through the town. This, of course, follows the arrival of protagonist Il-Gwang (Jeong-min Hwang) making him an obvious suspect to the mass poisonings. The Wailing will also feature Korean actor Do Won Kwak and actress Woo-hee Chun. It will be interesting to see how Hong-jin Na’s style will be received here in the west.

The Wailing is set to hit theaters here in America on June 3rd. Make sure to check out the new The Wailing trailer above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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