WATCH: Marauders Trailer

Admit it, you thought Dave Bautista’s acting career was over after Spectre. Thankfully, this is not the case as he is starring in a new crime thriller alongside action legends Bruce Willis and Christopher Meloni. While we haven’t seen a ton of Willis in recent years, it’s good to see he is still willing to do other films than The Expendables and another Die Hard movie. Directed by Steven C. Miller, Marauders follows several FBI agents as they investigate a series of vicious bank heists and how they relate to the owner.  Though it’s a simple set-up, there is a chance that Marauders could be quite a thrill ride.

Given how barren the crime thriller genre has been, no thanks to the trainwreck that was Triple 9, this is a genre that has been largely in hiatus. If Marauders will resurrect this rather stagnant genre has yet to be seen, but it’s good to see crime movies getting some love once more. Make sure to check out the new trailer for Marauders above and let us know what you think of it! Also, seriously, good to see Bautista isn’t giving up — someone from the WWE needs to be a great actor. The Rock can’t be the only one you guys produce.

The Marauders release date is set for July 1st.

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